Full Name
Tunisha Singleton Ph.D.
Job Title
Media Psychologist, Professor, Digital Communications Consultant
Fielding Graduate University
Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D. is an Academic, Consultant, Digital Communications Strategist. With an expertise in fan engagement and brand storytelling, Tunisha’s work focuses on using culture and consumer insight to inform the design of content marketing and community relations. With a Ph.D. in Media Psychology and 10+ years of experience blended across business development, social media management, and partnerships, Tunisha is a professional 1-2 punch of art (innovation) and science (psychology). Tunisha has most recently turned her attention to tackling her passion in sports, working to build platforms and content to fasten a supportive relationship between sports and society through story. Tunisha aspires to work with more brands and non-profit organizations on projects surrounding fandom, esports, mental health, multiculturalism, and race/gender/LGBTQ empowerment.
Tunisha Singleton Ph.D.