Full Name
Rudy Blanco
Job Title
Director of Gaming and Entrepreneurship
The DreamYard Project
Rudy Blanco is the Director of Entrepreneurship and Gaming for The DreamYard Project based out of The Bronx, NY. Blanco has managed and overseen several initiatives related to the exposure and use of technology for learning, career pathways exploration and development. Rudy has managed multiple partnerships engaging young people and schools with organizations and organizations and companies like Little Bits, Google, The New York Videogame Critics Circle, Thrively, Here to Here, Hats and Ladders, Mouse.org and Games for Change.

The work that Blanco does with DreamYard is based around the premise that the video game industry is vast, creative, technical and rapidly growing with very little to no representation for BIPOC, queer and women gamers both on and off screen. In response to this, through Blanco’s direction, DreamYard launched BX Start, a physical gaming space dedicated to entrepreneurship, gaming and career exploration in November of 2019. Post-Covid and with the national shift towards online learning and education, Blanco has shifted the work to focus more on the development of safe and inclusive online environments that represent all gamers.
Rudy Blanco