Full Name
Shoubna Naika-Taylor
Coventry College

Shoubna has worked in education for 12 years, lecturing in media, games and esports. She has been coordinate the esports provision at Coventry College and has been a part of creating an inclusive and safe space for young people to participate in esports roles. Shoubna manages the new esports BTEC and co-manage the teams entering the British Esports Student Champs.  

She is a Women in Games ambassador and works hard to encourage girls to undertake extra-curricular activities in esports and games. She is also looking to collaborate with other teachers/organisations and create an initiative that allows further interest and offer advice to young women who wishes to pursue a career in esports. She is an advocate for equality therefore always establish a positive representation in her approach to lecturing and challenge behaviours that promote toxicity and discrimination.

Shoubna Naika-Taylor