Full Name
PK Graff
Job Title
Esports General Manager, ID
Academies of Creative Esucation

PK Graff is a Gamer and Esports enthusiast who teaches at the Academies of Creative Education in Forsyth County, Georgia. His passion for bringing STEAM educational opportunities to all students combined with his love for playing/making videos games has led to a confluence of sorts in the form of Esports! Leading his local gaming community he formed FoCo Esports which has representation from all seven high schools and each of the eleven middle schools in Forsyth County. Furthermore, as a General Manager, PK has been leading the formation of the first-ever GSEF x MSEL league where teams compete in Chess, Rocket League, and Knockout City. Finally, PK is helping to lead the way at a national level as a 2021-2022 NASEF Scholastic Esports Fellow. His hope is to help every student find their love and passion for learning, which for so many, this dream can be found in STEAM curricula and Scholastic Gaming. His passion is to drive institutional change that results in more equitable opportunities for students to participate in scholastic gaming, everywhere.

PK Graff