Full Name
Miles Dean
Job Title
Director of Esports
George Fox University

Miles Dean is the founding Director & Head Coach of Esports at George Fox University.

Miles brings a wealth of leadership and experience with 21 years of experience in development, marketing, and partnerships within the tech industry. Miles began working towards a career in esports in 2017. Over the course of 6 years, he has specialized in developing in-arena experiences and implementing advanced technologies to help advance broadcasting/production efforts. Miles has worked on the TBS esports series, ELEAGUE, and he also played a role in building out the technology used to film productions like Disney’s The Mandalorian. Miles has also mentored several universities around the U.S. prior to accepting the position at George Fox in 2021.  Since starting at George Fox Miles has partnered with Esports and Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) to helped launch a STEM youth program creating customized environments within Minecraft. 

Miles is an active member of the NACE community serving as an Eligibility Compliance Committe member, also serving as an active member on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Scholastics Esports Association (WSSEA), an active member of the Esports Committee for Sports, Entertainment and Technology (SEAT) and previously served as an at-large board member of the Esports Trade Association (ESTA).

Some of Miles’ recent collegiate achievements are Spring 2022 NECC League of Legends Pacific Conference Champion, 2021-22 NECC League of Legends National Champions, 2021-22 NACE Starleague Director of the Year Finalist, Fall 2022 NECC Rocket League Pacific Conference Champions, 2023 ECAC League of Legends National Champions. 

Miles Dean