Full Name
Claire LaBeaux
Job Title
Chief Marketing Officer

Claire LaBeaux is the Chief Marketing Officer for NASEF. She has helped raise awareness of scholastic esports since the model “Orange County High School Esports League” was founded in 2018, and she has continued that role as the regional pilot grew to its current footprint as NASEF, the Scholastic Esports Federation headquartered in the Unites States with affiliates around the world. Claire amplifies the work of educators who leverage esports for combined play and meaningful learning. She also helps parents, administrators, and the esports industry understand the benefits of scholastic esports. Claire is program manager for Farmcraft, MENAcraft, Beyond the Game challenges, and other programs. Claire is a communicator and strategist with 20+ years of experience helping non-profits reach their goals by driving involvement and support. Her work spans STEM education and youth leadership organizations including NASEF, SciStarter, STEM Learning Ecosystems, US Army Educational Outreach Program, and Chief Science Officers.

Claire LaBeaux